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United States Drug Information Center

United States Drug Information Center


There is an increased need for timely evidence-based information relative to pharmaceutical and natural products as it relates to their benefits, risks, pipeline development and product lifecycles. There is a declining number of active drug information centers to meet the growing needs and requirements of health-systems, prescribers, insurers and patients. There has been an increased need for technical support for insurers and law enforcement surrounding controlled substance utilization and abuse. This situation has become amplified due to the expansion of health information technology and the intricacies of medical claims data.

There is a need for a professional collaborative community focused on providing drug information education, communication and support services to healthcare professionals, schools, law enforcement, forensic pathologists, patients, and caregivers.


To promote and advocate the delivery of drug information services to ensure the safe and effective utilization of medication, including prescription, non-prescription or natural products.

To support the implementation of rational health policies that ensure medication access, affordability, and coverage for medication therapy management services.

To facilitate the delivery of technical and clinical communications by the pharmacist and reinforce their value and leadership within the evolving healthcare continuum.


The Center assimilates drug information from numerous reputable publications, specialty data sets, clinical forums, and technical sources. The Center maintains a dynamic data repository that is reviewed and managed by leading drug information specialists.

The Center provides an advanced health information technology platform that supports the practice resources and drug regimen analytic tools essential to providing medication therapy management services.

  • Current product information

  • Pharmaceutical market directory

  • Database analytics

  • Drug information hotline

  • Formulary support

  • Pharmacoeconomic analysis

  • Medication therapy management performance metrics

  • Drug benefit design

  • REMS design and support

  • Forensic pharmacology

  • Toxicology

  • Drug interaction screening

  • Pharmacogenomic screening

  • Direct to consumer campaigns

  • Medical science liaisons


  • Caregivers

  • Physicians

  • Pharmacists

  • Hospitals

  • Managed Care

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Employers

  • School Systems

  • Government

  • Law Enforcement

  • Legal