American Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AIPS)
About AIPS
About AIPS

Advancing healthcare practice through patient care, education, leadership and research

AIPS is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is focused on advancing healthcare solutions and improving medication safety and health outcomes.

With a goal of fostering collaboration between healthcare professionals, government, payers and patients, AIPS is committed to leading in innovation and delivery of resources and solutions.

The organization delivers real-time change through its collaborative network of healthcare professionals, health-systems, payers and industry members to meet the needs of today’s healthcare challenges.

Through the support of sponsors, donors and membership, AIPS is able to serve as a positive force in the advancement and evolution of healthcare services.

  • Collaborative Initiatives
  • Specialty Training & Educational
  • Resource Library
  • Customized Healthcare Solutions
  • Professional Practice Network
  • Health Information Technology


Provide effective health strategies and solutions via collaborative communication and education, and advocate the development and utilization of optimal medication therapy management strategies.


Be the leading healthcare community with a focus on progressive leadership, education, and advocacy to patients and caregivers in order to improve health outcomes.


To our members, employees, communities, and other stakeholders, we promise to provide clear, thoughtful and independent insight regarding vital healthcare issues. As a global healthcare community, our activities touch many people’s lives. We operate with the utmost integrity and highest standards of ethical behavior. We strive to avoid conflicts-of-interest and to seek transparency and dialogue with our stakeholders in order to improve our understanding of their needs and collaborate on initiatives that make a real difference. We take our commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability seriously as we are driven to create and provide healthcare solutions for some of today’s complex medical challenges.