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United States Drug Information Center

United States Drug Information Center (USDIC)

The United States Drug Information Center is a professional community focused on the education and communication of pharmaceutical products relative to benefits, risks, and pipeline development. This information is provided to healthcare professionals, schools, law enforcement, forensic pathologists, patients and caregivers. Within our country, there is an immediate need for proactive and unbiased communication. We fill this void by utilizing the pharmacy sector and in turn reinforce pharmacists as leaders within the healthcare continuum. This will allow for the clear and focused dissemination of information surrounding current and future pharmaceutical products.

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Center for Patient Advocacy

Center for Patient Advocacy (CPA)

This Center is dedicated to serving patients relative to their rights, safety, education and awareness in the healthcare arena. This has become even more critical due to the dramatic shift in conditions regarding healthcare reform. Also, due to the rising globalization of products and markets, there has been an increase in concern regarding the safety and efficacy of generic, branded and OTC products. There is a need for the establishment of a community of proponents for patient education and communication pertaining to their healthcare. The Center fills this void by utilizing pharmacists as appropriate communication pathways where patients can voice their concerns and feel that their healthcare is considered first. The Center provides an on-line dedicated, single source location for patients, patient advocacy experts and caregivers.

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Center for Medication Therapy Management

Center for Medication Therapy Management (CMTM)

The rapid expansion of pharmacist delivered clinical services can be observed across all healthcare practice settings. The Center for Medication Therapy Management is a training, resource, and research organization. The primary goals are to develop a collaborative community of practitioners focused on MTM services and to help document the clinical and economic value of their services in the healthcare system. The Center provides practitioners, healthcare facilities and payers with an opportunity to collaborate on developing and implementing standards and systems to ensure optimal medication related health outcomes.

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Center for Pain & Palliative Care

Center for Pain & Palliative Care (CPPC)

In order to raise the level of clinical and compliance knowledge, ensure safe and effective pain therapy, and improve patient outcomes, the Center for Pain and Palliative Care was established. CPPC is committed to providing pain management and palliative care settings with up-to-date resources and services. In addition, the Center assists in the interpretation and application of laws and regulatory standards to the clinical environment. The leadership team at CPPC applies a focused, goal-oriented approach to problem solving, project development, implementation, and effective communication. Core expertise and services encompass a wide range of medical, legal, business development and management areas. These areas include: pain management and palliative care, auditing and reporting, healthcare and research compliance, clinical and forensic pharmacology, teaching, patient care, law, and administration.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship Center

Antimicrobial Stewardship Center (ASC)

Due to increasing antimicrobial resistance across both the community and institutional setting, there has been increased costs and confusion relative to appropriate antimicrobial utilization and treatment options. The need to address these increasing issues has created emerging regulatory, payer and accreditation pressures not seen before. The Center for Antimicrobial Stewardship is focused on improving antimicrobial utilization in order to improve health outcomes and reduce the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance. The mission is to promote the development of a specialized community of healthcare professionals and foster the implementation of more effective strategies relevant to real life situations. The intent is to leverage these strategies and tactics to create collaborative opportunities for healthcare professionals and companies in order to collectively improve treatment outcomes and decrease antimicrobial resistance. The Center for Antimicrobial Stewardship will allow for an expansion and coordination of clear, direct and appropriate antimicrobial selection and utilization.

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Center for Forensic Pharmacology

Center for Forensic Pharmacology (CFP)

The Center for Forensic Pharmacology is a professional community focused on the advancement in the education, collection, communication and dissemination of information and materials in support of forensic pharmacology. CFP is an internationally recognized community of consulting and expert witness clinicians (world renowned community of experts) that provide testimony for both deposition and jury trial lawyers (Defense and Plaintiff) in the United States. This team is a national authority in toxicology, pharmacology, and pharmacy standards of care. The services provided in these areas of specialization include: Depositions, Jury Trial Testimony, Medical Records Review, Regulatory Submissions, Pre-Clinical Toxicology Support, Study Data Review and Analysis, Report Preparation, Peer Review, Risk Characterization, and Comparative Risk. The Experts within the Center for Forensic Pharmacology are supported by an innovative software application that allows for enhanced/timely communication, electronic document storage and retrieval, time and record keeping, and financial expense tracking.

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