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Center for Patient Advocacy


Due to the dramatic changes relative to healthcare reform and declining economic conditions, there is an unprecedented level of need for patients to feel as if they have a healthcare advocate. From obtaining essential medications and participating in medication therapy management programs to addressing public policy, there is an immediate need for resources, training and leadership. Pharmacists are well positioned and eager to enhance their leadership position within the healthcare continuum and facilitate the timely and effective communications between patients and healthcare professionals and to ensure patient’s needs are recognized and addressed.

There are a number of manufacturer-based patient assistance programs that provide limited access to free or nearly-free medications. The problem is that these programs typically require extensive documentation and multiple steps to demonstrate eligibility and qualify for prescription assistance. The process and volume of documentation that is required for approval often overwhelm patients who attempt to access patient assistance programs on their own.


To serve as a patient advocate and resource platform to ensure that all patients have access to safe, effective and affordable medical care and treatment.

To promote and manage a collaborative community of healthcare professionals that serve as a technical network and resource to assist patients in understanding their rights and to help navigate the healthcare process.


The Center provides an on-line, single source location for patients, healthcare specialists, and patient advocates that are focused on improving medication access and health outcomes.

Within the Center is a unique charity-based program called Prescription Support. This program utilizes specialty pharmacy practitioners that act as patient advocates to identify and navigate a wide range of patient assistance programs. This program is pivotal to successfully obtain access to essential medications and improve adherence to drug therapy through clinical interventions and pharmacist consultative services.

In order to manage Prescription Support, the Center provides specialty focused resources including educational training, practice resources, and state of the art software platform tracking the patient assistance application and renewal process as well as the ongoing eligibility and documentation requirements.


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