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Center for Medication Therapy Management

Center for Medication Therapy Management


The continued expansion of new pharmaceuticals, escalating incidence of drug-related problems, and increasing cost of medications have all reinforced the need and value of pharmacists' clinical services. Patients, payers and government healthcare agencies have placed increased demands and expectations for medication therapy management specialists to help manage these challenges.

The entire healthcare system is undergoing dramatic change and is being forced to identify ways to improve health outcomes, increase efficiency, as well as reduce costs. Medication therapy management is a patient-specific service that tailors and optimizes medication selection, dosing and monitoring.

The profession of pharmacy is challenged by shortcomings in traditional practice models, workload, and corporate fiscal constraints. Pharmacists are poised and eager to deliver medication therapy management services and to advance the profession's role in future healthcare models.


To provide advanced training, best in class resources and processes to facilitate the evolution of medication therapy management practice models. The creation of a novel practice management network is serving as a collaborative platform for rapid expansion of pharmacists' patient care services. 


  • Collaborative Practice Network
  • Practitioner Credentialing
  • Health Information Technology Platform
  • Education Center
  • Mentoring & Leadership Development
  • Practice Management Resources
  • Marketing Support


  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Healthsystems
  • Payers
  • Patients